We are after pre-order 24/7 for you on the road.

we look forward driving you.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us, or call +49 7161 95 00 20. our office hours Mo.-Fr. 08:00am-06:00pm

General Terms and Conditions of Order and Carriage

To enable precise coordination, we ask you to provide us with the following information when booking: Phone No., Mobile No., E-mail address, Name, Street, House No., Postcode and City. Number of persons (important so that the right vehicle can be used) Departure airport, destination airport, flight no., date of travel, departure time, desired pick-up time (this will be agreed with the passengers/you again by telephone the day before pick-up between 17:00 and 19:00.) We also need the same information for the journey from the airport. Without this data, we cannot accept the order. The prices quoted are simply valid from/to the pick-up address.

a) for 1 - 3 pers. in the car
b) from 1 -8 pers. in a minibus
(Our vehicles are all equipped with air conditioning)
We reserve the right to drive up with the minibus even if it has not been ordered, in this case the price for the ordered trip in the car applies.
If the persons are picked up from several addresses and driven directly to the airport, the price list will be charged by the place furthest from the airport, plus EUR 7.00 (gross) per loading point; if detours to the individual places must be taken, these distances will be charged additionally.
We charge EUR 60.00/hour for waiting time caused by passengers.
(i.e. not in case of general delay of the flight, unlike train delays, these are not always displayed in real time).

Please note our office hours Mo.-Fr. 08:00-18:00, only changes received in the times and cancellations can be considered.


Our all-inclusive fares

to/from the airport are very tightly calculated so that we can plan better, the pick-up times at the Tel. coordination the evening before with the passengers / you, sometimes postponed by a few minutes so that our vehicles can be on time for the next order on site. This postponement does not entitle you to cancel the order.

The vehicles are scheduled at the ordered times.

Cancellations received less than 24 hours before the start of the journey are due for full payment of the ticket price, orders accepted at short notice (within 24 hours until the start of the journey) can no longer be cancelled free of charge as they are already assigned to a vehicle upon acceptance. You will receive an invoice from us by e-mail, which you can submit to your travel cancellation insurance.



Always pay in advance:

for pick-ups that start outside the district of Göppingen. (E.g. all airports, Stgt Hbf. or similar)

You can conveniently pay for the journeys cashless: bank transfer, credit card, PayPal


Please note below for the return flight:



























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F: +49 7161 95 00 22
M: info@hardy.de


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