We are after pre-order 24/7 for you on the road.

we look forward driving you.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us, or call +49 7161 95 00 20. our office hours Mo.-Fr. 08:00am-06:00pm

The pick-ups at the airports take place individually. Please always read the order confirmation email you receive from us.

Airport Stuttgart

The right of way is restricted since 18.01.2022 and from the 8th minute chargeable. We do not want to include the parking costs in the fares, for this reason we only drive in front of the terminal when you are there and have reported to your driver.
Switch on your mobile phone immediately after landing, you will receive status SMS or e-mail from the approaching vehicle so that you always know where it is.
In the message you will receive the license plate, the mobile phone number, and a tracking link of your approaching vehicle.
If you have your luggage and are on your way to the departures level, call the mobile number from the message and tell the driver where you are on the departures level, in front of Terminal 1, 1+2, 3, or 3-4 that is above the entrances, exits.
Since it is to be expected that the departure level will no longer be so crowded, we can also pick you up there, it is important that we can leave within the waiting period of 8 minutes.
If the departure is delayed, we must demand the parking fees from you or pay them directly to the driver.
If you only travel with hand luggage, please inform us when ordering. In this case, we will arrive earlier.

Airport Frankuft, Munich o. a.

At almost all airports, the right of way is restricted, and we can only drive up after you have called us. The valid mobile phone number can be found in the status message. Please only pay attention to the last status message and call.

Pick-up in the building or meeting point

We are happy to offer you this service, we charge a small flat rate of EUR 20.00 gross.


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