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Different VAT on our invoices

Our company has different licensed vehicles for passenger transport:
On the one hand the classic taxi concession:

(3 pcs.) according to § 47 PbefG Journeys by taxi are subject to reduced VAT if they are located in the compulsory driving area (district of Göppingen) or up to 50 KM. outside the mandatory driving area, in addition, the full VAT must also be charged here.
These vehicles are subject to full VAT even if it is a courier trip.
The vehicles have licens No. 145, 175 & 194

These are the yellow, black numbers that are located on the rear window.
On the other hand, the concession according to § 49 PbefG:

(3 pcs. with provided driver, not to be confused with rental car).
The vehicles have the licens No. 534, 535 & 536.
These vehicles are always subject to the full VAT rate.
These are the blue and white numbers that are located on the rear window.

Only those vehicles which are marked with the serial numbers are also registered for passenger transport and insured accordingly.
For your safety, only board Approved Vehicles.
If you receive differently taxed invoices from us (7% or 19%), they are correctness, 0 % VAT It can never be.
If we accidentally send you an invoice without VAT, please let us know we will send you a changed/new invoice immediately.
whright to: rechnung@hardy.de.

Thank you very much.


















































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